Charity Program Services

Charity Program Services is an independent, professional intervention practice serving around the states of US, which offers wide range of medical treatment in accordance of the client’s needs. CPS is passionate in helping and connecting families, with more than 30 years of service,

Charity Program Services maintain a strong commitment to a highest quality of behavioral and mental health treatment program. Also, CPS helped many families and individuals struggling of drug and alcohol addiction. We are licensed by the state of Arizona’s Department of Health Services and we refer to reliable partners for dental and medical health.

Our mission is to treat our clients into a unique, above and maximum care standards set by the state of Arizona. We help our client by connecting them with their families and giving them all the resources they need to recover from any behavioral ailments and substance abuse disorders.

What makes us unique is, giving the fact the vast number of excellent treatment centers for behavioral and substance abuse throughout the state of Arizona, we are exceptional in terms of kindness and care. We value every client we have and treat them the way it should be.

We help by guiding them through the intervention process and we initiate progressive changes, by spending necessary amount of time learning about each client’s case. We are also always open to discuss your needs and we keep all communication completely confidential and private.